About the Theater Scoutings Module

Discover the Other Side of Theater in Berlin.

As an interface between artistic production and audiences, the Theater Scoutings establish a sustainable connection and ongoing interest in independent theater and dance. Audiences are given the opportunity to easily obtain an overview of the wide variety of productions in Berlin and attend selected productions being accompanied
by industry insiders.

Many potential audience members are curious about the independent performing arts but are frequently unaware of the venues and the names of the groups or are told too little by the titles of the performances or their descriptions: attending a performance accompanied by a Theater Scout can ease the fear of making contact with this community. Theater Scoutings Berlin is intended to bring together and communicate the existing programs and potentials of the venues as well as to make new formats possible in cooperation with artists and venues.

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Nathalie Frank | Coordinator Audience Generation & Mediation

Swetlana Gorich | Audience Generation & Mediation

Office Hours:
Thursday 2pm-4pm
PAP Office Prenzlauer Berg at Ballhaus Ost
(only with Registration)

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