About the Central Marketing Office for the Independent Performing Arts

Central, constant contact partner and promotion network for the independent performing arts.

The Central Marketing Office is a central, reliable and constant contact partner for everyone who would like to get in touch with the independent performing arts. It provides a comprehensive overview of the independent performing arts community with contact partners/decision makers, production and performance venues, individual artists and groups.

The Central Marketing Office expands the target audiences of the independent performing arts community and creates new cooperation opportunities between independent performing artists and the larger infrastructures and culture marketers of Berlin. With initiatives to increase the (inter)national visibility, focus is placed on developing new markets, the function of the independent per- forming arts as a cultural ambassador and the international rep- resentation of Berlin-based artists at renowned festivals around the globe. At the same time, the local networking tasks with dis- seminators and representatives of the city administration make up a large part of the daily work.



Thomas Eder | Coordinator of the Central Marketing Office

Johanna Bauer | Coordinator of the Central Marketing Office (in maternity leave)

Office Hours:
Wednesday 10am - 3pm
PAP Office Prenzlauer Berg at Ballhaus Ost
(only with Registration)