re:publica TEN and Performing Arts Programm

The cooperation was happening between the re:publica TEN and the Performing Arts Programm of the LAFT Berlin for the first time in 2016 offers a great chance to agents of the independent performing arts and of digital culture/technology to make connections and get to know each other. Together they could consider and take new roads towards developing immersive forms of communication, of entertainment, of the arts and of dealing with issues and telling stories.

Performing Arts at the re:publica TEN
3 May, 2016 at the Kühlhaus Berlin

On 3 May, 2016, the re:publica invited agents of the independent performing arts in Berlin to be part of the re:publica TEN, allowing them to present themselves and their work.

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Performersion - Days of Performing & Immersive Arts
5/6 May, 2016 at the Kühlhaus Berlin

On 5 and 6 May, 2016, Performersion is held for the first time: a cooperation between the re:publica and the Performing Arts Programm.

For two days, Performersion brings artists, initiators, developers and researchers from dance, theatre, performance, digital sciences and technology development together in one place.

Goals of the Performersion are exchange, networking and knowledge transfer between experts on new narrative spaces and people creating new topics and telling new stories.

During the day, various labs and workshops by the Gob Squad, She She Pop, LiCHTPiRATEN, VRNERDS, The Constitute, machina eX and many more will allow shared research and collaboration: The Constitute will test the potential of 360-degree cameras; She She Pop will play with human bodies and projections; Sara Lisa Vogl of VRNerds will lead the way into the magical world of Tiltbrush; Internil and Hylynyiv Lyngyrkz will reverse the techniques of motion capture and us it to transfer human movements back into a real body – and much more.

In the afternoon and evening, conclusions will be presented and discussed. Performances and lectures by artists, researchers and developers will show new strategies, and reflect and envision new narratives using a digital vocabulary.

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