6th Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community


The sixth Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community took place from November 8 - 10, 2018 at Theaterdiscounter, sharing in the success of the previous years with a diverse schedule of programming and excellent participant from a huge variety of members of the Berlin's independent performing arts community. With more than 470 participants, every available seat was filled.

The event began with words of welcome for the participants from, amongst others, Berlin's State Secretary for Culture Dr. Torsten Wöhlert, Janina Benduski, Chang Nai Wen and Georg Scharegg. Anta Helena Recke, Dr. Reyhan Sahin aka Lady Bitch Ray and Dr. Ludger Schwarte provided important impulses in their opening remarks for the thematic focus of this year's Industry Get-Together: JUDGEMENT | POWER | PARTICIPATION.

PAP Berlin is very pleased that the submissions from the open call for contributions to the schedule of programming of the Industry Get-Together decisively shaped the event and that we were able to broaden the circle of cooperation partners this year. This allowed mutual events to be realized with Bundesverband Freie Darstellende K¸nste, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Deutsche B¸hnenverein, Kulturpolitischen Gesellschaft, Sophiensaele, Schaubude Berlin, Bundesverband Theater im öffentlichen Raum e.V. and Initiative Neuer Zirkus. In addition, the entire conference was accompanied by a media partner, Theater der Zeit, for the first time.

On Friday, as in previous years, the cultural policy update formats were very well attended from the early morning onward and the speakers from the field of cultural policy and various associations were received by a highly interested audience.
Lectures, panel discussions and exchange formats on the thematic focus of the Industry Get-Together, JUDGEMENT | POWER | PARTICIPATION also took place on Friday. This combination of themes also met with a great deal of interest from the participants and was discussed at length in a variety of different formats. The term "judgement" and the resulting power and exclusionary structures in the theater landscape associated with it were mutually observed from an intersectional perspective and discussed as things that can be changed and shaped. An important discussion followed the question of how jury and selection processes can be conducted in the future in order to allow greater participation and transparency of criteria.

On Saturday, the complex of themes JUDGEMENT | POWER | PARTICIPATION was considered once again, this time explicitly from a gender theory and queer theory perspective. Academics, artists working in the field of the performing arts, journalists and representatives of initiatives met with each other and discussed specific problem areas and the potential of the field.
Alongside this, there were numerous opportunities to exchange and share information regarding current developments and questions within the independent performing arts community, for example, together with Bundesverband Freie Darstellende K¸nste, the German Federal Association of the Independent Performing Arts.

The longer workshops offered on Saturday were very well attended, set strong practical accents and provided space for deeper discussions.

During lunch on Friday and Saturday, the participants were invited to exchange with representatives of juries and funding bodies as well as initiatives for more solidarity in theater.
With the exchange format Out of the Bubble, the participants left the comfort zone of their own filter bubble on Saturday night and met with experts from other fields in order to illuminate the themes and questions of the Industry Get-Together once more from the perspective of their respective disciplines.
The schedule of programming for the Industry Get-Together featured more events every day for non-German speaking participants than ever before and free, professional childcare was offered on-site for the first time.

We are very pleased that the 99 speakers and workshop facilitators represented the internationalism and diversity of Berlin's independent performing arts community and that more than two thirds of the speakers were female.

The 2018 Industry Get-Together received very positive feedback from its participants.


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