Third Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Industry 2015

Encounters, Reflection, Collaboration

The Performing Arts Program of LAFT – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin invited you to attend the 3rd Industry Get-Together of Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community from October 8 – 10, 2015 at TAK Theater im Aufbau Haus and at Aufbau Haus.

The Industry Get-Together is an event held by LAFT Berlin, Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin, Tanzbüro Berlin, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and Bundesverband Freier Theater and was attended by over 500 participants in 2014. In 2015 over 540 participants attended. The feedback from the participants and the media was extremely positive: “An outstanding seminar program”, Theater der Zeit

Central topics were: economics/politics, the theater of the next form of society and practical experiences.
The questions that concerned us included:

  • What observations and theories are developed by experts who are examining the independent performing arts from the standpoint of other disciplines?
  • What institutions and/or what forms of institutionalized collaboration do we actually want?
  • How has the digital revolution changed our cultural practice?
  • New forms of work (especially independent and collaborative work), their consequences and the implications on the labor market and cultural policy.
  • What answers can we find to the questions posed by a future European society that will be increasingly older and unemployed? 

The schedule of events consisted of workshops, consulting formats (for newcomers and total pros), presentations (with conversations), panel discussions, meal formats and open space formats. A portion of the program was presented in English in order to allow the participation of non-German-speaking members.

Participation was free of charge.
We are looking foreward to the Industry Get-Together of Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community in 2016!


Julian Kamphausen | Coordinator of the Industry Get-Together

Lisanne Grotz | Head of Operations of the Industry Get-Together

Office Hours:
Monday, 11am - 1pm
PAP Office Prenzlauer Berg at Ballhaus Ost
(only with Registration)

Program of the third Industry Get-Together 2015

The schedule of events consisted of workshops, consulting formats, presentations, panel discussions, meal format and open space formats.

Up-to-date schedule of events.