Industry Get-Together of the Perfoming Arts Program

The annual Industry Get-Together of the Performing Arts Program invites the members and performance venues of the independent performing arts community as well as the dance and theater industries to exchange experiences and discuss current topics and questions, share knowledge, create synergies, find new cooperation partners, broaden their networks and form new networks.

Industry get-togethers are proven instrument for promoting synergies and networks within an industry. The Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fairs demonstrate this in an exemplary manner every year for the book and publishing industry. The performing arts also have industry get-togethers like this, such as the unofficial get-together of the state and municipal theaters during the Berlin Theatertreffen or the Dance Congress for dance.

With the industry get-together of the Performing Arts Program, the independent performing arts community of Berlin now has its own annual industry get-together.

The Industry Get-Together points out new, exciting and urgent developments affecting the independent performing arts community each year surrounding the annual topic. Experts are invited to give topic-specific talks while work groups share their knowledge, report on their activities and receive acknowledgement and incentive to continue their work. The members and performance venues of the independent performing arts community, the participants in the Industry Get-Together and the invited experts discuss current questions together and exchange ideas regarding the important topics. They form new networks extending beyond Berlin and deepen existing contacts. New cooperation partners can also be found.

The Industry Get-Together is embedded within a platform that allows casual meetings and informal conversations. A number of the scheduled events are always offered in English in order to accommodate members of the community who do not speak German and allow the participation of international presenters, cooperation partners and experts.


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