Symposium 2019 "Collective. Networked. Solidary. Forms of Collaboration in the Independent Performing Arts"

May 17, 2019, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

In May 2018, we launched an intensive examination of working models and structures within the independent performing arts with our first symposium "Working Independently – Models, Structures and Future" and began taking stock of the various forms of work.

At the symposium Collective. Networked. Solidary: Forms of Collaboration in the Independent Performing Arts on May 17, 2019, we will present our new handbook that presents seven working models, explains the accompanying legal forms and formulates texts for work forms.

In addition, we will contemplate topics in think tanks together with our guests and all interested parties such as collective leadership structures, solidary networks and the feedback effects of production conditions on the art itself.

Schedule of Events

Working independently means working differently and self-sufficiently and thus continually posing questions as to how work, production and creation can be achieved and what framework conditions the independence we seek requires.

These considerations were the point of departure for a systematic analysis of the question of how work is conducted in artist groups, artist collectives and performance venues, which forms of collaboration independent art makes possible and how legal forms can frame and support these joint actions.

The forms of collaboration are as diverse as the process of artistic creation itself. One premise, however, underlies all "working teams": working, especially independently and collectively, is a social that require not only continuous communication but also the readiness to negotiate individual points of view collectively.

We have a created a handbook in which we focus on the different forms of this social action in a variety of portraits introducing the collaboration between groups, performance venues and collectives as well as the legal forms that frame this independence.

We are delighted to announce that number of special guests will join us at the seminar / symposium including: Maike Tödter (Producer of the Fräulein Wunder AG), Wibke Behrens (Institute for Cultural Governance/ICG), Tina Turnheim (Theatre producer and theorist from the collective EGfKA), Andrea Rohrberg (Coach and supervisor, synexa consult), Jannis Burkardt (Production manager and board member of the Fuchsbau Festival).
Working with you, they will explore various aspects of your work in the independent performing arts sector such collective management structures, solidarity networks, impact of feedback on production conditions in artistic work, and think further.
Schedule of Events:

10:00 am: Arrival, registration, coffee & croissants
10:30 am: Welcome, presentation of the hosts and the schedule of events
11:00 am: Presentation of the handbook + Q&A
11:30 am: Where are we? Think Tanks (part 1)

  • Solidary Networks Amongst Producers (Moderation: Maike Tödter, Fräulein Wunder AG)
  • Collective Leadership Structures (Moderation: Wibke Behrens, Institute for Cultural Governance/ ICG)
  • How Is Art Made In Groups? Collaborative Working And Its Influence on Artistic Creation (Moderation: Tina Turnheim, EGfKA)
  • Digital Tools For Collaborative Work (Moderation: Jannis Burkardt, Fuchsbau Festival)

1:00 pm: Lunch break
2:30 pm: Where Do We Want To Go? Continuation of the Think Tanks (part 2)

4:00 pm: Coffee break
4:30 pm: Andrea Rohrberg: Learning from artistic collectives. Is cooperation, collaboration and collective management the future model of development for work in the performing arts sector?
5:30 pm: Cocktail party


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