Symposium 2019: Community Building and Audience Research - Who's there? Who is visible? Who should see? Who may be seen?

November 29, 2019, 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
Neuköllner Oper, Karl-Marx-Straße 131/133, 12043 Berlin

At the symposium we want to ask ourselves: who is the audience for the independent performing arts? How can  (new) communities be reached? What do we understand when we use the term "community" - and do we all understand the same thing? What opportunities for participation are we offering?

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Symposia 2015 - 2018

Why do independent dance and theater productions offer communication formats? Why do artists and performance venues participate? What artistic interest do they have in this? What do audiences expect and what do they get out of these formats How are these communication activities financed and how should they be financed? An annual Symposium has been held since 2015 in order to reflect upon these questions together with the members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. The Symposium sees itself as a platform for examination and further development of the practice of communication within the independent performing arts community.




Swetlana Gorich
Audience Development & Communication
Phone: +49 30 / 33 84 54 51

Juliane Wieland
Audience Development & Communication
Phone: +49 30 / 33 84 54 51