Hannah Pelny

Hannah Pelny studied new German literature and political science and completed advance studies in culture management at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. She held numerous intern and assistant positions during her studies, including at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Stuttgarter Staatstheater and in the independent performing arts community, where she spent numerous years working as a director, dramaturg and production manager at the open-air theater Titanick. She has worked as a freelancer in the fields of management, production management and dramaturgy for various groups, festivals and individual artists in the performing arts since 1998. She held a seminar on the bureaucratic realities of independent artistic work and project management for the first time in 2010 at the Academy for Design in Karlsruhe. This seminar is intended for young performing artists who are still completing their studies or are in the process of becoming part of the independent performing arts community. For LAFT Berlin, she is responsible for the project manager and administration for the Performing Arts Program and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.

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