8th Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts: WE’LL SEE WHEN WE SEE!? – Flexibilities of an Independent Performing Arts Community

October 1, 2020
7:00 pm: Opening gala with Centre Français de Berlin
October 2 and 3, 2020
From 11:00 am: Daily conference schedule of programming with Uferstudios
A detailed schedule of events and registration options will be made available as of mid-August 2020.
In cooperation with Uferstudios GmbH and Centre Français de Berlin – deutsch-französisches Kulturzentrum gGmbH.

Open Call

In order to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in terms of the content and the questions asked, we will be opening up the stage at the end of the event and are offering the opportunity to all of you to share current initiatives, concerns and experiences with the community over the course of six-minute slots.
Anyone who is interested in being part of this fireworks display of short presentations with a contribution examining our uncertain future, is asked to send an email complete with title, institution, statement and intentioned audience by August 10, 2020 to:

Let’s be honest: at the moment, no one can say with any certainty where exactly or how exactly we’ll end up realizing Germany’s largest networking event for the independent performing arts in the fall of 2020. But is that a bad thing? Can’t we embrace the uncertainty, right here, right now and trust that during the 8th Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts from October 1 to 3 many things will come together in terms of systemic insights, glaring deficits, personal experiences, radical cultural policy changes and aesthetic transformations that are all worth taking into consideration and moving to the center of our deliberations!?
Or, to put it a little more concisely, we’re dedicating this year’s event to the topic of flexibility. As an intrinsic, one-of-a-kind quality endemic to the independent performing arts community. As a neoliberal curse and independent blessing simultaneously. As a working method and demand for funding structures since the beginning of the performing arts. As a critical reflection of a phenomenon that everyone is talking about at the moment and thus as a continuation of our dealing with the idea of solidarities that was the focus of our last Industry Get-Together.
Over the course of numerous brief presentations and artist table talks as well as cultural policy updates, parallel dialogues, a wide variety of further education and conversation formats, discussions and walks, will address the current state of contemporary practices dealing with the topics of social safety nets, assembly, distribution and participation. We will pose new questions to contemporary discourses involving feminism, sustainability and diversity, cement new international relationships (e.g. those with Prague in the exchange program PRALIN) and, together, initiate a continuous (re)consideration, (re)deliberation and (re)thinking of the independent performing arts community. As to what and how - we’ll see when we see!?

Despite all of the flexibility as well as uncertainty, we will be doing our very best to ensure that the spaces and events of the 8th Industry Get-Together of Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community are barrier-free. The team is working continuously to add to the formats and events being offered and are happy to answer your questions and hear your suggestions at any time.


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