Communication & Audience Research

Who is the audience for the independent performing arts community? What can cultural participation in the independent performing arts look like? What competencies do members of the community who are active in the field of communication need?

The Berlin Performing Arts Program has also established itself as a platform for the communication of art and culture within the independent performing arts.
Each month, Theaterscoutings Berlin offers a diverse schedule of programming and accompanies audience members to performances from Berlin’s independent dance and theater communities. Conversations with the audience, introductions, workshops, jam sessions and rehearsal visits are all offered within the Theater Scoutings program.

The competencies of the scouts are regularly strengthened over the course of workshops and current communication praxis is reflected upon and further developed during the annual symposia. The current state of audience research and participation in the independent performing arts is being examined. In the future, we intend to offer seminars for aspiring culture journalists in conjunction with selected events taking place within the independent performing arts community.

Publication – Handbook

The knowledge surrounding communication, collected in a variety of formats, is summarized in handbooks. In 2018, we published the handbook Between Audience and Stage – Communication Formats for the Independent Performing Arts Community. A new edition is planned for 2021.

This handbook documents innovative communication formats that can be realized within the independent performing arts community using simple means. An open call is issued to find formats for the handbook in order to invite as many different members of the community as possible to think about the topic and submit formats. Performance venues are also called upon to apply in order to further develop the formats and try them out in their facilities.



Swetlana Gorich
Audience Development & Communication
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Juliane Wieland
Audience Development & Communication
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